Supervisory Development Programme

Duration: 4 (Four) Days

  • Course Background  :    
    • Describe the roles of a supervisor in the work situation.
    • Differentiate between technical and supervisory activities. Prepare action plans and work schedules.
    • Delegate duties and responsibilities effectively
    • Provide basic, on – the- job training.
    • Lead and motivate subordinates
    • Maintain discipline and morale at work.
    • Deal with complaints and grievances effectively.
    • Communicate effectively with seniors and subordinates.
    • Monitor work progress and take corrective action where necessary.   

  •  Course Content :  
    • The supervisory roles, responsibilities and relationships
    • Individual and group behaviour
    • Planning, Organising, Controlling
    • Motivating and leading a team, Communication.
    • Delegation – Time Management
    • On the job training.
    • Maintaining discipline and morale.
    • Handling complaints and grievances

  • Who should attend :  
    • First-line supervisors and those earmarked for supervisory positions.

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