Purchasing & Stores Management

Duration: 3 (Three) Days

  • Course Background  :    
    • To appreciate the role and significance of the Purchasing and Stores function in the
    • To understand the various processes involved in Purchasing and Stores.
    • Learn the different techniques utilized in Inventory Management.

  •  Course Content :  
    • Define Materials Management and its goals.
    • Describe the various stages involved in the purchasing process.
    • Describe the functions of Store Management.
    • Utilize the different techniques used in Inventory Management
    • Evaluate the Purchasing and Stores function in your organization.

  • Who should attend :  
    • The aim of the programme is to provide practitioners and those interested parties with a broad conceptual framework of the fundamental functions, concepts, theories and practices found in Purchasing and Stores. As the level of attention paid to Purchasing and Supply increases, the work tends to become more strategic in emphasis, concentrating more upon such activities as negotiating, longer-term relationships, supplier development and total cost reduction, rather than ordering and replenishing routines.

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