Executive Diploma in Business Leadership (EDBL)

  • EDBL PROGRAM DESIGN  :                     

The programme provides business executives and senior managers with a rounded development experience enabling them to grow their leadership skills, business knowledge and self-confidence in preparation for future career challenges The program comprises eight intensive three day modules designed to equip delegates with skills and competencies to find new ways of responding to the challenges facing them.


  • The competencies to be developed and demonstrated fall into the following eight broad areas: –
    • Module 1 Leadership – A Functional Approach
    • Module 2 Leadership – A Situational Approach
    • Module 3 Finance & Business Appreciation
    • Module 4 Strategic Management
    • Module 5 Strategic Marketing
    • Module 6 Strategic Human Resources Management
    • Module 7 Operational Planning and Decision Making
    • Module 8 Team Building

    • Delegates will be required to carry out a research-based management project and submit an acceptable Business Project Report which should be at least 6 000 words in length and should earn a Grade ‘C’ or higher

  •  WHO SHOULD ATTEND :      
    • Senior executives, policy makers, decision takers those being groomed to take over senior corporate positions
    • Those in senior management who closely assist the CEO
    • Leaders in any kind of business environment, commercial or industrial, or those being earmarked for a senior leadership or executive position.
    • Delegates wishing to attend selected modules may do so and will receive an attendance certificate only after they have successfully completed the relevant assignments. Modules may be attended in any order.

    • Applicants must meet the following to be admitted to the programme.
    • A minimum education standard of 5 ‘O’ level subjects including English and Maths or the equivalence,
    • currently occupy a leadership post in their organisation,
    • Consideration may be given to mature applicants who may not have ‘O’ levels, provided they have occupied a leadership position for a minimum of 5 years.

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